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    Quality of Medical Records

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    How would you begin to assess the quality of data in a patient's medical record? What steps would you take in your assessment? Describe two or three problems associated with poor data quality and explain how you would use a quality-focused health information system to overcome them.

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    I will assess the quality of data in a patient's medical record by evaluating its completeness. If the records are not complete they are not of good quality. Next, I will look for correctness. If the records are not correct they are not good quality. I will also assess the quality of data in a patient record be evaluating its concordance. If there is no concordance between the record and the background of the patient/institution, the quality of data is poor. Next I will see if the data is current. Old data is valuable but for decision making current data is required. Finally, I will check if the data is plausible.

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