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    Public Relations

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    Describe effective uses of PR. Give at least three real-world examples of effective PR. Be sure to correctly cite your sources. I found a response to this in your solution library but it was 95% plagiarisms. I need help with more of an original verbiage. Can anyone help? It needs to be about 1500 words and I am going to need to put it to a Power Point.

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    Use of public relations:
    1. Generate goodwill towards the company,
    2. Informing the public what the company is.
    3. The communications that will improve the interest of promoting a person, a company an image;
    4. Positioning and repositioning a company:
    5. Rectifying the image of the company after a disaster;
    6. The process of improving the image of the company when there is adverse publicity.
    7. Launching a product or a company:
    8. Launching an innovation:
    9. Helping a social cause with communications;
    10. Changing the attitudes, perceptions and beliefs towards a brand, product or company;
    11. Communicating effectively with the stakeholders of the company for the purpose of improving the image;
    12. Improving the relationships with the publics of the company;
    13. Helps influence public opinion about the campaign, product or organization.

    STEP 1
    US Department of Homeland Security Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness:
    This department a PR project of the largest type in the USA. This was a response to the terrorism exercise. Even though the terrorist attacks took place on September 11, 2001 the project was started in 2003. The purposes of campaign was to ensure that the ability of the public officials to broadcast messages through the media to the public, uphold the information safety and administer news outlets so that heir interests were not compromised and a structure a system from which top officials could experience the a simulated media pressure that a terrorist attack would generate.
    This exercise was targeted at journalists, who could see part of the training exercise, the public in general with its qualms and apprehensions, public information officers and public officials.
    During the joint effort ...

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