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Pros and Cons of Foreign Discounters in India

Select an article related to "Costco in India" (saying you think is a great idea) which you think presents the author's perspective persuasively while also showing opposing views clearly and fairly, and, in two paragraphs, explain why you think the author demonstrates good critical thinking.

In the first paragraph, summarize the author's controlling idea - the article's thesis or "bottom line - and the main supporting points, quoting directly from the article.

In the second paragraph, explain why you believe the author demonstrates good critical thinking, and whether the article meets the criteria as explained in the Cornell University site.


"The author's main purpose is to express how India's political and business practices are hurting Bangalore's dealings with large IT companies. Simon states "Citing challenges such as unclear laws and heavy-handed bureaucracy, Amit Midha, president of Asia Pacific and Japan for Dell told Reuters last week that India is a tough place to do business." He goes on to mention that local authorities are attempting to take over an IT industrial park outside the city of Bangalore so they can boost tax revenues. Bangalore is mismanaged and corruption scandals are running rampant. Due to mishandling coalfields, selling instead of auctioning, the state lost $210 billion.

In my opinion, Simon exercised good critical thinking by explain why Bangalore is considered the "Silicone Valley" of India. He states that "India's economic slowdown has not affected India's IT sector." Large Indian companies are expanding to Bangalore as well, which will help with the economy there. Simon explains that India is hurting themselves but there are still good things going on too. Simon does not use any unusual words or try to confuse the reader. He also uses reputable sources for his quotes and who he spoke to. The article states who wrote it, when, and what his title is. The article is current and is not biased. The article does not mislead the reader or attempt to hide any information.

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Nirmala George's main purpose is to analyze a recent vote by the Indian government that will allow international discount stores, like Wal-Mart to enter the Indian market. The vote was close, however, and there is much contention regarding the situation. Those against the plan fear small retailers will not be able to 'withstand the competition from the global giants' (George, 2012). Proponents of the plan argue that ...

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