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    Production Management

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    1. What is the assignment method? How is it used to find the lowest opportunity cost for each assignment?
    2. Differentiate between a push and a pull system. Which system is most likely to reduce manufacturing cycle time, and why? What system can be used with suppliers, and what is the advantage?
    3. A certain product has been effectively managed in the past, according to its managers. The previous technique used the economic production quantity model, and resulted in an optimum lot size of 100. For this product, setup time is directly proportional to setup cost, and setup time is currently 40 minutes per batch. How much must setup time decline in order for the lot size to fall to 50 units? 25 units? 10 units? Explain how you determined the declines in setup time you calculated.
    4. Compare, in your own words, short-term scheduling at process-focused, repetitive, and product-focused facilities.

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    1. What is ? How the assignment method is used to find the lowest opportunity cost for each assignment?

    There are separate assignment methods including the Hungarian method of assignment. This method is effective because it enables an efficient means without making a direct comparison of every option. The following steps must be adhered to wherein the ability to facilitate this measure is predicated upon subtracting the smallest number in each row of the original cost table or matrix that is placated upon every number in that row. The next step entails effectively subtracting the smallest number in every column of the table, which can be obtained from every number in that column.

    Organizations can utilize the MOA- METHOD FOR SOLVING ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM wherein this method is utilized to create ones in the assignment matrix while attempting to find a complete assignment in terms of one's. The organization must take the steps to solve the problem wherein the first step entails finding the minimum (maximum) element of each row. Next, the organization must draw the minimum number of lines to cover all the once of the matrix. When the number of drawn lines less than n, there is not an ability to develop a complete assignment but when the number of ...

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