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Process company contacts

An enterprising student has set up an internship clearinghouse for business students. Each student who uses the service fills out a form and lists up to 10 companies that he or she would like to have contacted. The clearinghouse has a choice of two methods to use for processing the forms. The traditional method requires about 20 minutes to review the form and arrange the information in the proper order for processing. Once this setup is done, it takes only two minutes per company requested to complete the processing. The other alternative uses an optical scan/retrieve system, which takes only a minute to prepare but requires five minutes per company for completing the processing.

If it costs about the same amount per minute for processing with either of the two methods, when should each be used?

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Total time taken with Option 1 = 20 + 2*10 = 40 minutes
Total time taken with Option 2 = 1 + 5*10 = 51 minutes

If the per minute cost ...

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