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    Philanthropy and Charity

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    Explain the difference between philanthropy and charity. Use examples from private and non-profit sectors to illustrate these differences.

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    Philanthropy refers to identifying the root cause of human problems, and those that affect human beings and communities. It is love for humanity attempting to find solutions to the problems that society is experiencing. In philanthropy private capital is being invested and spent for the good of the public. Philanthropy leverages change by identifying the opportunities whereby small amount of money spent for this purpose can have large impacts on individuals and communities. They are called investments because they are long-term and with higher risk for the desire to achieve a higher potential return which are related to changing systems and regular influence or public connection.

    Charity refers to the kind act of giving or donating to the needy due to the donor's understanding of their misery or suffering. These donations tend to go to the cause that is close to our heart with the hope to assist them in their immediate need. These donations in small amounts by many people and companies become a high amount that ...

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