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Partition view for database

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Can you Describe your idea for a database along with your thoughts for a partitioned view.
How would you use this partitioned view?
How would you perform updates on a partitioned view and what is required?
What benefits do you see with this partitioned view?
What would be some considerations for a design team in planning a partitioned view?

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A review of partition view of databases using the question provided in the assignment. References included.

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Can you Describe your idea for a database along with your thoughts for a partitioned view.
Partition views can help speed up queries because it only presents the necessary information without all the extraneous and unnecessary details, unneeded for daily operations. This information might include past sales totals or notes about a particular order, which can be accessed through a query in the partition it is found.

How would you use this partitioned view?
I would use it to narrow information used by different departments. Sales does not need information based on taxing, and operations does not need to have full company information and financial information about clients. Specifications can be partitioned ...

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