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    Pareto Chart

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    The Wellington Fiber Board Company produces headliners, the fiberglass components that form the inner roof of passenger cars. Of late, they have noticed a growing number of defects in their product. To get a handle on the problem, they have made an analysis of the 50 most recent defects, with results as follows:
    Type of Defect Number of Defects

    A. Tears in fabric 4
    B. Discolored fabric 3
    C. Broken fiber board 36
    D. Ragged edges 7

    ? Prepare a Pareto Chart for the defect experience.
    ? This is a 3 shift operation. 10 of the C type defects occurred on the first shift, 20 on the second, the remainder on third shift. Any conclusions from this data?
    ? In terms of a Cause and Effect diagram, what may be the functional causes for the problems related to broken fiber boards? Construct a Cause and Effect diagram.

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