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    Operations Management: Calculate MAD and MSE for exponential smoothing

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    Your boss recently returns from a conference and wants to start forecasting. He asks the following:

    1. Should the division be using moving average, weighted average or expotential smoothing in forecasting calculations? What are the advantages of all options of forecasting.

    2. The Director of Supplies needs help in forecasting. Develope forecasts for periods six-24 using MA with 3 periods, 4periods and 5 periods

    Calculate the MAD and MSE for all of the forecasts. Start MAD and MSE calculations for exponential smoothing in period 5. Start MAD and MSE calculations for weighted averages in period 5.

    the chart is in the attached file.

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    Part 1

    A Moving Average method is very easy to understand, all periods are given equal weights and the forecast is simply the average of the previous points. Weighted averages allow the forecaster to assign weights based on their knowledge or past trends in the data, for example it may be better to forecast quarterly sales using a larger weight on sales activity in the ...

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