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New entry to market

I have selected the following technology, company and country of entry.

The Technology: Rack-mount Servers
The Company: RadiSys (http://www.radisys.com/)
Potential Country to Market to: Russia

The product selected is rack-mount servers. And I believe RadiSys is not yet entered the Russian market or has not ventured completely in that market. So I have decided to introduce this product to the Russian market. But now, I need help in addressing this question. The response doesn't have to be more than a page or two at the max. See question below.

- Explain the modifications that you will need to make to your selected product (i.e. Rack-mount Servers) in order to introduce it successfully to consumers in Russia. You must provide a clear rationale for each modification. If you decide that no modifications are necessary, you must justify this position.

Considering a rack-mount server, what possible modifications would you be willing to make in order to sell it in the Russian Market. Just high level modifications only. You can make up one or two based on how the country has been opening up to welcome technology changes and use them as well. For example, in schools or universities or in government organizations etc.

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The server selected for introduction into Russia is the PROCELERANT RMS218-7520SM Compact dual-Xeon? 2U rack mount server
This material is taken from the website: http://www.radisys.com "Product Description
The RMS218-7520SM is a powerful, yet compact, processing platform. This server packs Dual Intel® Xeon(TM) (Nocona) processors into a 19 inch rack mount server that is two rack-units in height and only 18 inches deep. The RMS218-7520SM server is intended for compute-intensive embedded applications where space is at premium. In a typical application, the RMS218-7520SM is part of a small network or cluster of servers. Connectivity is handled through the dual GBE Ethernet ports and there are two PCI-X plus a PCI-Express x4 slots available for additional I/O cards. The ...

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