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Market Research for a new online casino

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I am keen to launch an online casino soon in the United Kingdom.

From my readings, I have discovered that a successful business needs to understands its customers, needs, wants, habits and attitudes.

Could someone please inform where I may be able to obtain the following information for the online casino market??

- knowing the size of the market?
- knowing its competitors market shares, their brand images and their strangths and weaknesses?
- understanding customers habits, likes, dislikes?
- understanding the image and attitude of buyers of rival products?

This is a really competitive market but I'm positive that I can get a slice of the action. Prior to massive investment, where can I obtain information for this specialized segment?

Please be as specific as possible with your response.

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Market Research for a new online casino is embedded. The image and attitudes of buyers of rival products are analyzed.

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As you are obviously able to access the internet, the best idea would be to start there. In the browser window type in, "online casino" or "internet casino". For a much broader search you can type in just "casino", however, you will also find information bricks and mortar casinos.
<br>After that, you may search for associations that represent online casinos. Typically, they do market research and monitor trends in the industry. Also, you may look for an association for traditional casinos and find out if they include online casinos in there breakdown market segments.
<br>Next, ...

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