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    Mark Jones' nuthouse

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    Mark Jones' nuthouse is preparing a new product, a blend of mixed nuts. The product must be at most 50% peanuts, must have more almond than cashews, and must be at least 10% peacans. the blend will be solved in one pound bags. Mark's goal is to mix the nuts in such a manner that all conditions are satisfied and the cost per bag is minimized. Peanuts cost $1 per pound, cashews $3 per pound, almond $5 per pound and peacans cost $6 per pound. Identify the decision variables of this problem. Write out the objective and set of constraints for the problem.

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    Let a = % of peanuts, b = almonds , c = cashews and d=peacans

    Objective Function ==> Minimize (Z) = 1a ...

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    The constraints of Mark Jones' nuthouse is determined. THe decision variables of the problems are identified.