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If you were doing a research in a Real Estate company on What lead generation activities are most productive? Are you following up on leads quickly enough? and What lead generation strategy is best for your market? then you could use a Logic Model.

List an example of a Logic Model that can be used in this research in the Real Estate Company and explain how you applied it to the setting.

You can search relevant sites like www.firstgov.com for good examples.

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// In this paper, we will study about the business of 'Lead Generation', which is a Real Estate and Mortgage Industry. As we move further, we will study about the productive lead generation activities 'Logic Model' for the development and implementation of a business plan. //


Lead Generation is especially important in the real estate and mortgage industries; where each lead could generate thousands of dollars in income. Lead generation, the first step, is defined as identification of potential customers. Identification of potential customers is most often accomplished through direct contact (i.e., face-to-face, telephone, Internet, etc). This may be the result of marketing efforts such as print advertising or other means such as individual consumers seeing a yard sign and contacting the agent. Identification of potential customers could also be accomplished through other means ...

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The response address the queries posted in 528 words with references.