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    Letter to Employees

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    During the last three years, company profits have declined and inventories have increased to the point that management has decided to consolidate its manufacturing operations into one plant. Although some of the employees from the closed plant in Normal, IL will be transferred to the remaining plant in Moline, many of the workers will lose their jobs.

    The VP has asked you to prepare a one page letter for him to sign announcing the closure to employees of the Normal plant. The following information needs to be communicated in the letter:
    * Plant operations will be phased out over the next six months.
    * Many, but not all, employees will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Moline plant. Details will be provided over the next few months on an individual basis.
    * Employees who are not transferred to the Moline plant will receive a week's severance pay for every year of service to the company.
    * The reason given to the media for the closure is to improve asset management by consolidating older production facilities.

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    It is with deepest regret that I must announce the closing of our plant. The consolidation with the plant in Moline is required as an efficiency measure. As all concerned are aware, the profits for the company have declined in recent years and the need for two plants in the same region have created a redundancy that results in inefficiency in relation to inventory and cash ...

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    The body of a letter about the upcoming closing of the plant and what vital information will be provided.