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Jetblue airlines

Jetblue airlines has asked you to quickly develop the outline of a training program for its new reservation clerks. you may want to start by listing the job's main duties. in any case, please produce the requested outline, making sure to be very specific about what you want to teach the new clerks, and what methods and aids you suggest using to train them.

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Customers contact our airlines reservation clerks to obtain flight schedules, prices and itineraries. The reservation clerks look up the requested information on our airline's online flight schedule system, which are updated continuously. The reservation clerk must deal courteously and expeditiously with the customer and be able to quickly find alternative flight arrangement in order to provide the customer with the itinerary that fits his or her needs. Alternative flights and prices must be found quickly, so that the customer is not kept waiting, and so that our reservations operation group maintain its efficiency standards. It is often necessary to look under various routings, since there may be a dozen or more alternative routs between the customer's starting point and destination.
You may assume we have just hired 30 new clerks, and that you must create a 3-day training ...

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