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    Internet Utility to expand the global operations of Nokia

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    How could the Internet be used to expand the global operations of Nokia.

    What other recommendations are there to enhance cross-border business for the company Nokia?

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    The guidance notes provided herein, certain viewpoints are presented as to how Nokia could use internet to expand global operations and a few recommendations on enhancing cross border business. As a future manager, you have a great potential to develop your analytical skills and critically think, how the company should expand its global operations and enhance cross border business.

    Guidance Notes:

    Internet could be used to expand the global operations of Nokia in following ways:
    - Internet can be used as marketing channel by Nokia and create awareness about their operations in the newer markets. For this purpose, the company can bring efficiencies into logistics so that the supplies are delivered on time. The company could tie up with some local logistics companies or with some global logistics company like FedEx to deliver their products. An online ordering and procurement system could be set up by the company wherein on their website, goods can be ordered and dispatch is done by the logistics company as per the requirement.
    - By selling their products online, the company could price their cellphones low and in the price sensitive markets like India, the company will be able to penetrate deeper (Mukherjee, 2010: Jan 7). Nokia lost its market share to low priced vendors who source from China and Taiwan and therefore, if the company reduces the number of physical intermediaries and replace them with digital and online marketing, there will be cost savings which the company will be able to pass on to the consumers. The same learning could be replicated by the company while entering new geographical areas worldwide with more virtual presence and less number of physical distribution channels and it will be easier ...

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    The solution explains how the internet could be used to expand the global operations of Nokia and provides inputs for recommendations to find other growth areas and expand.