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    Indicative Patterns in a Control Chart

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    When using a control chart, what are some patterns that would indicate that the process is out of control? Additionally explain what might cause a process to be out of control. In your response, relate and identify to an example of process that you have seen out of control.

    Works Cited:
    Render, B., Stair, R. M., & Hanna, M. E. (2012). Quantitative Analysis for Management. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

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    Control charts are graphs that show upper and lower limits for a process an organization wants to control, depicting "a graphic presentation of data over time" (Render, Stair, 2012). A control chart can indicate a process is out of control by showing the target line, and plotting actual performance against the line. When the data falls within the upper and lower control limits and no discernable pattern is present, then the process is in control. If data falls outside of the upper ...

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    This solution describes patterns that would indicate a process is out of control when using a control chart, and what would cause a process to be out control. It gives several examples of processes that could be out of control. Includes APA formatted reference.