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Impact of StopNShopNow, Inc. Stores

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Discuss the possible impact of StopNShopNow, Inc. stores being located solely in one of the following three locations with the indicated employee demographics.


New York City, NY
average employee age: 30 years old
male/female ratio: 50:50
Suburbia, MO
average employee age: 40 years old
male/female ratio: 20:80
Deep Caverns, TX
average employee age: 50 years old
male/female ratio: 70:30

Propose at least three modifications or enhancements to specific benefits (or options of benefits) in a benefits package that will best satisfy the company's and employees' needs and expectations. You may also address modifying the percentage of total compensation paid in the form of benefits.

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If StopNShopNow locates its business in Deep Caverns, TX.

Average employee age: 50 years old, Male/female ratio: 70:30, it would mean that the workers would be relatively old and nearing retirement. In this case they would value health insurance. From the perspective of StopNShopNow also, health insurance is important because it can reduce absenteeism, attract good workers and help create an anxiety free environment. Since the demographics of the age at his location shows that employee age is 50 years, vision insurance should also be added to the ...

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