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    Homeless and Mentally Ill

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    Good Evening,

    Choose two agencies from your list. Research and study each agency's available
    documentation, obtained either from the agency's Web site or other sources on the
    Internet. Search for information relating to how the agency determines needs and the
    demographic it serves.

    Compare and contrast the information you found for each agency

    What needs does each agency meet and what demographic does each agency
    serve? What or who may have influenced the agency's decision to meet the
    needs of this demographic group(s)?
    o What differences have you observed between the ways the two agencies attempt
    to meet human needs?
    o How successful is each agency with meeting the needs of their demographic
    group? What challenges may be preventing them from meeting certain needs?

    List all resources

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    Solution Summary

    This solution provides an in depth and research of two agencies handling the needs of homeless and mentally ill people. It also explains how these agencies meet the demographic needs as well as how they meet human needs at the same time