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Health and Human Service

Write a paper on child abuse.

Be sure to address the following guiding questions in your paper:
From what you have learned in this course and your research results, what are your greatest concerns about the current state of the health and human services industry?

Considering all of the conflicts, issues, and challenges you analyzed and discussed in this course, explain your viewpoint regarding the ideology that health and human services workers should be "advocates for social justice"

Has your view changed since the beginning of the course regarding the role of the health and human services worker, in relation to the future needs of America?

How will you apply the knowledge you gained from this course to your future health and human services career?

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//Before writing about the various conflicts and challenges in the field of child abuse, we will have to write about the concept of child abusing. This will help us to understand various causes behind the issue of child abusing and its impact on the growth of the society. We will follow this point under the heading of introduction, for example: //


Child Abuse in America

The sexual, physical and psychological maltreatment of children is termed as Child Abuse. This can happen in many forms. These include hitting, biting, shaking, beating or burning a child. These come under physical abuse. The emotional child abuse is in the form of continuously blaming the child, always making the child feel down as compared to the others, unnecessarily shouting at him and humiliating him. Any enforced sexual action, Incest or disclosure to a sexual stimulation, which is not suitable for the age of child can be categorized as sexual child abuse. The failure in fulfilling various essential child needs like clothing, medical care, food and shelter also come under child abuse (What is child abuse, 2008).

It has been noticed that most of the cases of child abuse have been reported from the home of a child. They also take place in the institutions concerned with children, such as schools, residential schools, churches and child care businesses (Robinson, 2001). As reported by the latest UNICEF report on well-being of child, the countries of the United States & the United Kingdom have been graded lowest amongst the developed nations. This study also revealed that the problems of child abuse and child neglect are more visible in the families of single-parent as compared to the households where both the parents are there to take care of the child (Iadicola & Shupe, 2003).

The child abuse can have grave consequences. It will not only affect the life of the child being abused but also the society in which he lives. In such an unhealthy atmosphere, the children tend to behave as if they are much bigger than their age. Punishments are given to the children who behave in this manner. Care should be taken to control such behaviors of children; ...

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