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Give me ideas for a speech entitled: "Why do need exercise?"

Give me ideas for a speech entitled: "Why do need exercise?". include an introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. 5 minutes.

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Why do we Need exercise?


Exercising our bodies involves the utilization of various methods with an aim of ensuring that an individual remains fit and healthy. Involvement in regular exercising is considered appropriate for every individual despite the gender, age, or size. A considerable time amount should therefore be always allocated for exercising by individual who want to keep fit as well as maintain a healthy living as advised by our practitioners. Protection from various illnesses is simple especially when an individual is involved in regular exercising. Exercising is known to benefit children as well which contributes to their normal development both physically and mentally resulting to the development of healthy young individuals.


Carrying out regular exercises ensures that an individual has a physically fit body and a sound mind which is normally obtained during the process of regularly exercising. There are various ...

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