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General Versus Specialized Approach

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IT administrators in small companies must often execute several functions at the same time like network administrator, database administrator, user consultant and others. Compared to their situation, their colleagues in larger companies can get more specialized.

What are advantages and disadvantages of each case?

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Working in a Small Company:
1. limited hierarchy as decisions can be reached quickly due to limited number of people in decision making process
2. ease of communication due to fewer people
3. ideas are easily recognized and when good idea will resonate through the company, the contributor will be recognized quickly
4. challenging environment
5. more job satisfaction because work is more appreciated due to fewer employees so it is more important that everyone does a good job and their share of the work
6. more opportunities for new and inexperienced employees to be given the chance and be more appreciated than in large company
7. job descriptions more flexible, more chances for wide variety of tasks and take on more responsibilities
8. employee is expected to work on own initiative and more opportunities to collaborate with senior management
9. work and contributions are noticed, more likely to be listened to feel that one is important part of the company
10. one has the chance to make a real difference, formulating projects and seeing them carried out from start to finish
11. it is a good way to jump start a career
12. lots of ...

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The solution discusses the advantages and disadvantages when an IT administrator works in small companies and executes several functions at the same time and when he works in big companies handling only one function. References included.

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