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    Executive bad behavior

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    Last year, a newly built casino had its huge, very grand opening gala, which involved numerous A-list guests, lots of gourmet food, and enough alcohol to float a boat. About 1:00 a.m. one of the top casino executives and his wife left the party in their brand new Porsche; apparently they had both had had more than their share of alcohol. The executive in the Porsche sideswiped a car and did not stop. Anyway, a policeman who was directing traffic tried to stop the Porsche, and the executive, refusing to stop, dragged the police officer about 50 feet before he was Tasered by the dragged police officer. The police officer was unharmed, but exacerbating the situation, the drunken executive's wife started to throw her weight around by insisting she worked for City Hall, and stating she would have the policemen fired if they didn't release her husband. Ultimately, both husband and wife ended up being booked on numerous charges being released on bail later that morning.

    Question: Should the executive be fired? After all, he did embarrass the casino owner on his very special opening night. Or, are executives only responsible for what goes on inside the building? Does "what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas"? (Sorry, I couldn't resist our very trite city motto.)

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    First and foremost, the executive should be fired. Here's why:

    Lower and mid level employees should do their best to represent their employers around the clock wherever they go. Indeed, they are entitled to a private life away from work and certain things should not be factored in relative to ...

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