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    Evaluation of Training Approaches

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    Answer the 3 questions based on the problem:

    i. Based solely on the information provided, evaluate the training approach followed by the knowledge developer.
    ii. Could you deduce a training plan in this case? Explain.
    iii. Critique the questionnaire used to follow up on the installation.

    A high-tech firm designed a 'KM system' for the student housing office of a major university and made the system available through the university's intranet; three campuses were involved. (This happened in March of 2001 when Knowledge Management was still a relatively new field.) After the system passed verification and validation, the knowledge developer held a wrap-up session with representative end users. He spent 2 hours going through the operations manual and running examples through the newly installed system to demonstrate ease of use and ease of access.

    The attendees were quite impressed with the many features - easy-to-follow menus and displays of the reasons to justify all kinds of answers. The system also links legacy databases such as tuition adjustment and meal plans, depending on the housing arrangements.

    One month after the 2-hour training session, the knowledge engineer sent a questionnaire to all attendees, who, by then, were end users of the system. Some of the questions were as follows:

    ? Did the operations manual help you understand the system?
    ? Did the knowledge developer give you a working understanding of the system?
    ? Did you understand the questions asked by the system?
    ? Does the system meet your expectations? If not, please offer any suggestions you might have.
    ? Did the system provide adequate and correct answers?
    ? Do you think the system is usable in your environment with immediate change? Be specific.

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    1. The training approach followed by the knowledge developer is referred to as a System Overview, which is a part of the Application Staff Training. This type of training is designed for the staff that will be working directly with the system and includes an overview of the system, its features, and usefulness. However, it does not provide the hands on and question asking features that a deeper/more extensive training would provide, which in turn would enable the end users to gain a ...

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