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    The equipment effectiveness

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    Exercise #1
    The bearing department is planning their schedule for the following week. They need an understanding of last week's performance. The schedule called for two 8-hour shifts per day for 5 days. Downtime charged to production averaged 76 minutes per day. Down time charged to maintenance averaged 135 minutes per day. Calculate the actual running time and the percentage of available time.

    Exercise #2
    The total products produced were 1,235. The standard called for a production run of 1,500. Calculate the theoretical and actual cycle time per unit. Assume 10% planned down time for theoretical cycle time. What was the performance efficiency?

    Exercise #3
    What is the rate of quality products if 35 units out of the 1,235 completed in exercise #2 are non conforming?

    Exercise #4
    What is the equipment effectiveness for the information given in Exercises 1, 2, and 3?

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    Exercise #1
    Total minutes in week = 2*8*5*60=4800 minutes
    Downtime due to production = 76*5=380 minutes
    Downtime due to maintenance = 135*5=675 ...

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    The solution calculates the actual running time and the percentage of available time.