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    Entra-/Entrepreneurialism and Creativity

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    Entra-/entrepreneurial and creativity skills are essential for moving an organization forward. Managers must "think outside the box" to foster innovation. This assignment allows you to apply creative skills and enhance an existing organization by altering a process, adding or repositioning a product, or changing a way of interacting with stakeholders.

    Compose a report of 2000 to 2500 words that demonstrates your innovative skills. Select a process or product that can be modified or augmented to enhance sales volume, target market, customer satisfaction, or profit. This activity can focus on your place of employment (entrapreneurial) or you may select an organization which is ripe for change (entrepreneurial).

    Provide the following three sections within your report:

    - The current nature of the organization and why creative measures can enhance its activities.

    - The strategic plan for altering the organization, infusing theory and concepts, as well as explaining the tactical mechanics of change.

    - The expected results and timeline in making a difference.

    Support your position with credible academic sources properly cited in APA format.

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    The current nature of the organization and why creative measures can enhance its activities:
    I focus on my place of employment. The company I work for makes molded plastic toys. The key objective of the company is to make toys that are high demand in the stores. If the company makes toys that are not currently in demand, there is a huge inventory of unsold stock. The unsold stock represents a loss for the company. To reduce the loss from out dated inventory, my company has to get information about the latest trends from the point of sale data of retailers. This information has to be immediately translated into changes in the production and the toys that correspond to the new demand must be made and shipped. For example, if there is a sudden increase in the sales of Supergirl, the information must be translated into wooden patterns which are used to make molds for making plastic toys. If the toys with a high demand are shipped quickly to the stores, my company avoids un-saleable inventory, increases customer satisfaction, and increases its profits.
    My firm has arrangements with some retailers who make available real time point of sale data to my company so that my company knows which toys are fast selling. To translate this information into production changes, my company's commercial artists use computer software to create designs for molded plastic toys. The design creation and its approval take two days. Next these designs are given to the wooden pattern making team. These teams use electrical wood cutting tools to create wooden frames that are used for ...

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