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Discussing Long-Term Care Insurance

Discuss: Long-term care insurance will be needed by an increasing number of Americans in the next few decades. But why isn't it popular now? Are there any problems with the current U.S. system with delivering long-term care? What are they? What is the purpose of long-term care insurance?

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Long-term care insurance can be a way to make sure extended nursing care will be paid for when it is needed. The purpose of long-term care insurance is to pay for extended nursing care in the event a person or his or her support group is no longer able to care for that person. There are long- term care policies that are designed in partnership with state governments also give individuals and their families a way to protect savings in the event of burdensome care costs that stretch ...

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This solution discusses why long term care insurance is not popular now, and if there are any problems with the current U.S. system in delivering long term care. It also explains the purpose of long term insurance. Three APA references are included.