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Department Efficiency Review Committee tasks

Committees can either hinder or help an organization's quest for optimum performance, partially dependent upon the leadership of managers of an organization. This week, our class will assess a case scenario and describe aspects of a committee.

You are the CEO of a small, but growing, home health agency. You have decided to set up a Department Efficiency Review Committee. Briefly describe the following characteristics:
- Purpose
- Function
- Selection process for members and how long a committee member will serve
- What actions will be taken as a result of committee decisions? Discussion

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Efficiency Review Committee

Purpose is to ensure the efficiency of the nursing department as it related to distribution of staff throughout the facility in order to meet budgeted staffing levels (ppd) in correlation with current patient census.

Function is to review on a daily basis nursing staffing logs daily for all three shifts and the next day staffing log. These logs will be reviewed on a daily basis at the beginning and end of each shift in order to address patient discharge and admission numbers. The next day's anticipated staffing log sheet will also ...

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The department efficiency review committee tasks are examined.