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    Delivery of Service in Health Care

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    Use Home Health Care not a Hospital.

    1. Create and define a capacity utilization plan, linking action plans to information systems, service delivery, and balancing capacity and demand. In particular, identify the types of information services necessary for excellence in service. Remember that you will also be creating a marketing plan which will likely require information technology and that you are also responsible for fiscal management.

    2. Identify how your action plans are linked to the organizational vision and mission and the service strategy.

    Please cite your resources!

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    STEP 1

    On creation and definition of a capacity utilization plan:

    The current capacity of your organization is 53 persons, of which 5 are doctors, 13 are nurses, 10 are social workers, 15 are therapists and 10 are home health aides. Your organization is enrolled with Medicare and your objective is that your capacity is utilized to the maximum. The facilities are provided to individuals and families in their place of residence so that the recuperation process is aided. Also your services help to minimize the effects of disability and illness to the client.

    Your office is located in Maple Heights in the Cuyahoga area and you have received clients who have been discharged from the Cleveland Clinic. You have maintained contact with Denis Mullen one of the Directors at the Clinic and he has put in a good word for your company. Your company gets regular calls for assisted living services in the home that are provided on one to one basis, usually you are required to assign a caregiver allowing a personalized level of services. Many patients do not required skilled care around the clock; comfort keepers provide assisted living services in the home. These are billed at lower charges. There is a ...