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Deb's Pizza Palace: are there differences in job happiness between workers with previous experience in a particular industry?

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Deb likes cheerful employees, ones that whistle while they work. She's noticed that employees who have worked in industries similar to her business (Deb's Pizza Palace) seem to be happier than those who have never worked in a pizza place before. She hires you to look at whether there are differences in job happiness between workers with previous experience in a particular industry (related to pizza construction) and those who have no industry experience.

You find a happiness meter that is guaranteed to "use biometric and audio, visual and kinesthetic feedback to objectively and scientifically measure happiness" and administer it to two randomly selected groups of employees. Scores on the meter may range between 0-30. One group has previous pizza industry experience and a second group has no previous experience in this industry. You obtain the results shown in the table to the left of this box...

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See the solution discusses what type of employee's Deb likes to work at her pizza palace.

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1. Find M. Mean for each group.
2.Find σ for each group.
3. Find z (1.96 for 95% interval; 2.58 for 99% interval) in this case as alpha is given 0.05, z is taken for 95% interval that is 1.96.
4. Lower limit = M - z σ
5. Upper limit = M + z σ
6. Lower limit μ- σ Upper limit
1. The populations are each normally distributed.
2. σ is known
3. Scores are sampled randomly and are independent
Deb wants to know if there are differences in job happiness between workers with previous ...

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