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Control Process Steps

Within an organization, the control process normally progresses through four steps. Discuss these steps as they would apply to an important management situation of your choosing.

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1. ESTABLISH STANDARDS TO MEASURE PERFORMANCE. Within an organization's overall strategic plan, managers define goals for organizational departments in specific, operational terms that include standards of performance to compare with organizational activities.

The Dean of the XXX School of Business has benchmarked the student population growth at competing private universities and is concerned that the growth of his school is not in line with that of the college's competitors. The Dean concludes that the recruiters are not performing as they should. In order to determine whether XXX School of Business recruiters are performing the same as their counterparts, The Dean researches his school competitor in the state and finds out what their growth rate is in terms of a percentage of the total student body of each school. As a result of comparative research, the Dean set a goal of 400 new, enrolled students per Fall and Spring semester. This recruiting ...

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The solution lists the 4 components of the Organizational Control Process in terms of the dean of a university. The dean will represent the manager in this case. The management situation is one in which the dean is determining the effectiveness of the recruiting for the programs in his school. 634 words.