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    Buyer and Seller Negotiation: Debriefing Meeting

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    There is 3-step process when a buyer and a seller negotiate (preparation, face-to-face discussion, and debriefing). Have you ever made a major purchase and had a debriefing following the transaction? If so, what occurred in that meeting?

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    The formal negotiation process consists of three major phases: preparation, face-to-face discussions, and the debriefing or review of results and learning. I just made a major purchase and had a debriefing, following the transaction. I bought a new computer. The process was fraught with issues, throughout the negotiation. Initially, as the buyer, I needed to outline my key issues. I needed a computer that was portable, powerful enough ...

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    This solution discusses a major purchase with a debriefing following the transactions. It describes the debriefing meeting.