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Businesses that engage in EDI with each other are called

Businesses that engage in EDI with each other are called ____.
a. buyers c. suppliers
b. sellers d. trading partners

The combination of telephone lines and the closed switches that connect them to each other is called a(n) ____.
a. LAN c. circuit
b. WAN d. pathway

In networking applications, an 8-bit number is often called a(n) ____.
a. octet c. piconet
b. byte d. bit

The ____ numbering system uses 16 digits.
a. hexadecimal c. binary
b. decimal d. ASCII

A(n) ____ is like a separate, covered commuter lane on a highway (the Internet) in which passengers are protected from being seen by the vehicles traveling in the other lanes.
a. VPN c. extranet
b. IP wrapper d. IAP

____ refers to markets that are too small to justify a mass media campaign, yet too large to cover using personal contact.
a. The hard middle c. Address media
b. Mass media d. Usability testing

The U.S. government deregulated the securities trading business in the early ____.
a. 1960s c. 1980s
b. 1970s d. 1990s

Companies that use ____ branding offer to help Web users in some way in exchange for their viewing an ad.
a. emotional c. rational
b. perceived d. permitted

In 1987, the United Nations published its first EDI standards under the title ____.
b. UN-ANSI d. ANSI X12

A(n) ____ is a marketplace that provides auctions, request for quote postings, and other features to companies that want to operate their own marketplace.
a. private store c. private exchange
b. customer portals marketplace d. private company marketplace

The ____ is the agency responsible for receiving the government's tax, license, and other fee revenue.
a. FMS c. KMWorld
b. e-government d. TaxWorld

On a(n) ____, the seller posts an item with a price. As individual buyers enter bids on an item the site can negotiate a better price with the items provider. The posted price ultimately decreases as the number of bids increases, but only if the number of bids increases.
a. sealed-bid site c. group purchasing site
b. reverse bid site d. proxy site

The ability of a government to exert control over a person or corporation is called ____.
a. borders c. standards
b. jurisdiction d. laws

____, the largest online bill processor, provides online payment processing services to both large corporations and individual Internet users.
a. AlphaWorks c. KCOM
b. CheckFree d. CNNFN

____ is a key element in a phishing attack.
a. Scrip c. Due diligence
b. Smart card d. Spam