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    Business Plan Example: All Parts

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    Please elaborate and provide read through for the financials on the infinity scarfs business plan. Also I need a power point on this.

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    NOTE**This business plan is in notes form and you will need to organize your thoughts for the sections as requested by your instructor. The word document portion is 17 pages long. With the additional financial report pages the total length will be over 20 pages. The excel workbook is also attached. The power point is attached and is set up for you to adjust and complete using my notes as a guideline. I have posted ideas for bullets and all pages to correlate with the topics your instructor would like to see addressed. The workbook of financials includes all the sheets you will need. It is self populating, so to get them on their own, you will need to create your own workbook. I suggest printing these out for a guideline when creating your own so that the amounts don't change on you. You can try using copy and paste, but as the formulas for the self populating data runs page to page, even pasting special still causes irreconcilable changes. You will still need to make sure all the numbers are where they need to be. You can manipulate the numbers by working on the first page of the workbook. You will need to make sure to adjust the workbook pages to the needs of your assignment, as these pages are specific to my example business. This is not a ready to hand in bundle. You must still edit the assignment to fit the request of your instructor. However, I have addressed all parts of the assignment with further notes, explanations, and ideas.**

    I have attached all documents to address your post. Please message if you have any other questions.

    This business plan is for a business specializing in the production and distribution of infinity scarves (you can really take these notes and customize them for whatever business you would like this to be for). Also, I'm not sure how your plan should be organized, so I'm going to address the required portions in the notes along with brief notes on the three portions of the business plan--Concept, Market, and Financials.

    My notes for the business are in flux for this document and you will need to pick and chose your business details before compiling your business plan. However, all the portions and examples are here to use along with websites listed for further examples.

    Infinity ∞ Scarves
    Business Concept:
    This is the part of the business plan where you talk about your product and the industry you are trying to enter. You should also discuss how you feel your product will fit into the industry along with some description of your product. This is also where you discuss what your plans are to make your business successful and what you will do to help it thrive.

    The current scarves industry is pretty saturated. However, there are not many businesses out there offering customizable infinity scarves. An infinity scarf is a circular scarf of a length long enough to wrap around the neck of the individual at least twice. They can be made of various materials, crocheted, or knitted. I expect to be able to enter the market filling the niche for people who want custom scarves for a specific outfit or outfits. To be successful, my plan is to offer many fabric and design options within a specified delivery period. The fabrics will be priced based on market pricing plus a small premium. Delivery times will be based on standard and express with a premium charged for express delivery.

    The scarf accessories my company will offer are customizable in color, fabric, adornment, and length. We are the only company in the industry offering these customization options. I plan to offer clients a personalized experience with each purchase. While I do intend for my offerings to initially be available in the virtual marketplace, all subsequent interaction will take place with a personal Client Executive.

    Market Potential:
    In this portion, you should look at who you believe your customers will be. You look at what they do, who they are, the compelling factors for purchase, and also look at competition possibilities. You should also describe how you believe your business will be able to overcome the competition. This could be through providing a better product, finding a niche, advertising, pricing, etc.

    Customers of infinity scarves come from all ethnicities and walks of life. Women and men of all ages purchase these scarves for personal use and/or gifts. With my business, my plan is to focus on the market segment that makes more specialized purchases. I will be focusing on customers that have a specific outfit to accessorize or the person that wants to give a unique gift. These customers are generally in professional positions within companies and tend to make purchased from higher-end merchandisers. The competition I currently face is companies that mass produce scarves that are largely the same with little difference other than color or fabric choice. My company is different because my business offers fully customizable scarves--color, fabric, and length. I will be able to "beat" the competition by honing in on this niche market and drawing people away from the mass produced scarves and into my world of customized scarf accessories.

    In this section, you present your financial statements.
    *Income Statement
    *Balance Sheet
    *Accounting Ratios
    *Cash Flows

    You might also include information on short-run decisions to close down or long-run break even. Please see the last pages for examples of these documents. The attached excel workbook also includes examples of these statements specific to my business example.


    Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose for your small business defines your company's core goals and purpose. According to Web Marketing Today, an Internet marketing website, the statement also forms the basis for your small business's brand and the promises your company intends to make to consumers. A statement of purpose isn't as broad as a mission statement, which seeks to incorporate business strategies and procedures into the document. Instead, a statement of purpose focuses primarily on the short message that will guide your company in formulating its business ...

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    This posting includes a more fleshed out business plan example with financial documents. A section explaining some of the financials is also included. An example Power Point presentation is also included.