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    Doing Business in Japan

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    Can you provide me some interesting facts and information about culture that would affect doing business in Japan?

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    Flag: The flag is a red disc on a white background and is called Hinomaru. The sun represents the land of the rising sun.

    History: Dates back to 3500 B.C. Rice cultivation was primary function in agricultural society and as hunter/gathers. Rice cultivation began in earnest around 1760 B.C.
    4th to 5th centuries, Buddhism and Chinese culture/technologies enter the country from the continent.

    Interesting facts:
    - Oldest surviving wooden structure in the world, Horyjui temple, was completed in 710.
    - The world's oldest novel came from Japan in the 700s. (The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu)
    - Oldest enemy, Mongols.
    - Japan became a closed society around 1639. Did not reopen to the world until 1853.
    - Japan and China have a long history of war.
    - Government after WWII: a constitution was established in 1946. The country moved from an emperor as ruler to a parliamentary system. The Chrysanthemum Throne, as the place of leadership was known continues, but without power.
    - Japan is an island nation with limited space on its four major islands. It has mountains and very cold temperatures, yet is also moderate during summers. It has suffered many natural disasters from earthquakes to blizzards, to tsunamis. It is the only country to have been bombed in battle using atomic bombs.

    Doing business in Japan:
    - Expect long term and stable relationships with Japanese business partners.
    - Need a third party introduction to do business.
    - Politeness is the key to relationships.
    - Japanese ...

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