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Artist inspiration

Artists try to give you beauty as they see it, even in the times of war they still painted pictures of how they saw the world even though war was all around them. I guess if they thought they could give the people something else to look at then it would help them take their mind off the war and off of problems. As for a musician i feel that music is the cure for a lot of things. How many times have you been in a bad mood or something has happened but when you here a nice tune on the radio that feels good it takes your mind off the problem for a minute? Well in war times music was a way out for a lot of people, because music was the only thing they had that cold take their minds off the problems. So think about all that the artists that came out of this who were inspired.

Please explain.

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It is ironic that at times of war, artists were inspired to become creative and create entertainment for others. It is also ...

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The following posting discusses artist that were inspired during times of war.