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    Artist in Modern Society

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    I couldn't imagine being an artist these days. You almost see the true artist in their debut album, then it goes straight downhill from their, if they do good. The person my be able to sing, but since their album didn't sell, they don't get another chance. The other thing I have noticed with artist these days are they keep the wheel spinning as I call it. Nothing is really new these days, music is cut from the same cloth almost with the same background tracks, etc. If you listen to your favorite genre, you can almost hear a song from a few years ago mixed right into the so-called new song. Horrible! explain

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    I think that today new artists need to be creative to get their name known, with the goal of ultimately selling a platinum record. How can they do this? The internet has allowed for this to occur. A new artist can offer one of their songs for free on itunes for a ...

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    The solution examines artists in modern society.