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    The Art of War

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    What themes resonated with you on your own personal career journey? With what points do you agree? Disagree?

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    One of the major themes that resonated with me from the art of war is the theme concerning what comprises an effective leader. This theme resonates with me due to the fact that I am presently a manager within my organization, and have utilized a number of these concepts in helping to make me a much more effective leader. One of these themes is that the leader must act in accordance with morality or a just cause, due to the fact that this will influence individuals to follow that leader despite the obstacles and dangers that may be involved with following that leader. I agree with this point due to the fact that the vast majority of individuals respect and follow a leader that focuses upon doing what is just and right, and advocating such a cause in all of their actions. I would agree that this is a necessity for any leader to gain a dedicated ...

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