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    Analyzing Companies

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    The company to analyze is Southwest
    * Describe past and present stages of development of the organization.
    * How has the company developed? Has the development been positive or negative? Explain why you think this is the case.
    * How has the company's stage of development been reflected in its vision and value statements over time?

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    The initial or start up stage that this organization went through was the stage in which the groundwork or foundation was laid for this airline to begin its operations. During this stage the owners of this organization developed a plan of operations so that this small airline could begin operating within Texas starting in 1967. In this phase the owners of the airline conducted an analysis of the airline industry within that area and their organizations place within it, developed and confirmed the overall mission of this airline, developed a means by which to execute this airline's operations within this area, gathered all of the human and material resources that were needed to support the operations of this very small airline, and communicated directives intra-organizationally in an ...