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Case Study: The Overpaid Banktellers

1. If you were on the bank's HR Committee, what would you do regarding raises for the tellers?
2. How much faith should the HR Committee place in the accuracy of the wage survey?
3. Critique the bank's policy of giving merit raises which range from 0 to 12 percent, depending on job performance.
4. Critique the bank's policy of giving cost-of-living raises. Should they be eliminated?

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1. If I were on the bank's HR Committee, I would continue with the raises of tellers. The tellers expect both merit based increases and cost of living raises; these should not be denied to them. These raises have been a source of motivation for the tellers and it is expected that the tellers have put in extra efforts in working for the bank. If the HR Committee decides not to pay these increases there will be lack of ...

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