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    Research elements of business 1 PERT chart, 1 Gant chart

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    1 PERT chart, 1 Gantt chart

    Using an organization of interest as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that:

    Analyzes the organization's basic legal, social, and economic environments
    Analyzes the organization's managerial, operational, and financial issues including:

    Project Management
    Project Timelines
    Critical Paths and Contingency Planning
    Implementation Plan Contingencies
    Staffing Needs and Tools
    One Gantt Chart Example
    One PERT Chart Example

    Analyzes the impact of potential change factors and the impact on the functions of management

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    //The organization selected for the purpose of researching its elements of business is Emaar Properties PJSC company. This paper is basically concerned with analyzing the social, legal and economic environment of the company and also includes a brief discussion on the managerial, financial and the operational issues of the organization. Finally, the paper concludes with a brief discussion on the impact of change factors on the company//.

    Emmar Properties PJSC is recognized as one of the biggest companies, especially in the real estate sector. The company was established in Dubai, United States Emirates in the year 1997 and also has its listings in the financial market of Dubai. It is also a part of Dow Jones Index. The major task of the company is to build homes for the local public and along with it; it also provides certain value added services. This includes building communities so that a stylish life style can be provided to the customers and their demands can also be fulfilled in an effective manner. The growth of the company is good, as it is expanding its operation globally to meet the need of the international customers. In addition to this, the company is also extending its business segments. The other major services provided by Emaar include hospitality, financial services, building malls, leisure services and healthcare services. The operation of the company at present is established in many countries including USA, United Arab Emirates, U.K, Jordan, Syria and many other places (About Emaar, 2010).

    The performance of the company is heavily affected by the external environment in which it operates; as such environment has a major impact in shaping the structure of the company. The day to day working of the company is also affected by the legal environment of the country in which it operates. Regulations by the government in conducting various activities in terms of taxes, regulations for business expansion to overseas, etc are some of the legal aspects to which the organization has to comply with. The legal system as prevailed in the UAE is a combination of both, classical and modern concepts. As per the legal system of UAE, the organization operating in the country should undertake various modern concepts in their daily activities and should also sustain traditional aspects. In case of Emaar, the structure of the company has been developed in order to provide best homes at reasonable prices to its customers. The company also has sufficient support from the local government, which enables the company to expand its operations effectively and as such, the company has also joined hands with the major players of the country.

    //The social and economic environment of a country plays a crucial role in performing various activities by the businesses. As such, this part basically comprises of the assessment ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1749 words with references.