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    Stages of Team Development

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    You are the manager of a team that collaborates on various projects. These projects need to be addressed by the entire group to provide resolutions that are in the company's best interest since it will affect all parties and departments. Today in the management meeting, a discussion evolved around the HR policies. There is one particularly good worker, but she is not always reliable. Sometimes she goes above and beyond, and other times she comes to work late. The latter behavior is seen by other employees who then think they can get away with similar behavior, but they are put on progressive disciplinary action by their manager.

    Assume your role in management, and discuss the scenario with your fellow managers. Spend some time discussing your position and feelings, including opinions, hurt feelings, problems caused in your group, etc. Then discuss the model that Bruce Tuckman (1965) designed decades ago that is still considered a major work and is used today. Use the Library to review the Tuckman model and decide what phase you are in and the reasons for your conclusion.

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    There is a member of my team that seems to be treated differently than the other members and this is causing a lot of problems within the team with cohesiveness and interdependence. Mary, the worker in question, is a great worker when she comes to work but she does often come to work late. Often, I overlook her late arrival due to her ability to "go above and beyond" the normal call of the job.

    The problem occurs when other employees come in late and expect to be treated the same way as Mary. Unfortunately they do not have Mary's hardwork ethic and oftentimes are quite laid back and do not meet deadlines. For this ...

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