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Performance-Based Management

What is the total concept of "Performance-Based Management"?

Furthermore, what are the particulars that make the concept a viable course of action for any organization, like the Department of Defense (military programs)?

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In practice, performance-based management techniques fall in the category of what I call management by 2x4 - variations of the age old practice of whacking people upside the head to get them to do what they are supposed to be doing. Sure some people need a kick in the pants every now and then, but notions like performance-based management formalize the process, for everybody. In the performance-based organization, tough-minded managers push everyone to their limits (and beyond) in pursuit of extraordinary levels of performance. Performance management systems are used to track and evaluate everyone in the organization to make sure they are performing to the standards set for them. Those who don't produce are ...

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What is the total concept of "Performance-Based Management"?