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    Website Legal Problems

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    Draft an agreement for a website so as to limit and reduce the possibilities of litigation from unsatisfied customers and from other affected parties (celebrities, media companies, politicians, etc.). The agreement should include Usage Clauses, Disclaimers, and Warranties where necessary.

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    STEP 1

    An agreement for website widget.com:

    ? This document contains the terms and condition between widget.com and the customer (user of this website) and will regulate the use of the products and services that are available on widget.com. By selecting any product on the site or using any services on the site, customer agrees that (a) Customer has read this document and comprehends all of its material and (b) Customer agrees to all the clauses and conditions in the document. Opening and clicking on this site henceforth legally bind you to the terms of this document.

    In addition, we may without notice, change, wholly or in part these term and conditions. These modifications would become immediately effective and if you continue to use the site, these changed terms will bind you.

    STEP 2

    On Usage Clauses

    ? Widget.com brings together buyers ...