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Tort and its elements

1. Pick a tort( cyber tort or international tort) that you would like to demonstrate and name it.

2. What are the elements of this tort (i.e. name all the factors that you would need to prove in court to demonstrate this tort).

3. Write out a scenario that would demonstrate this tort, including all the necessary elements. Write it out as best you can like a script for a skit.

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The tort that I will like to pick is Defamation. It can be termed as a publication of a false statement, both oral as well as written, that injures a person's good reputation. Basically, this tort occurs when someone feels that another person (or organisation) has made statements or comments that may have lowered the esteem in which they are held.

The elements of this tort are:

Publication: Third party must hear or see statement. Defamatory statements must be communicated to a third party. You cannot defame someone by speaking to them alone, or by muttering to yourself. This element of defamation is virtually always satisfied when claims are made against newspapers and broadcast media.

Statements made on the internet may be actionable.

An individual who republishes the statement may be liable.

Statement must ...

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Tort and its elements