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This post addresses the terms of a contract.

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Can an individual enter into a contract without being aware of it and still be bound by its terms? Why or why not? Cite an example of a voidable and non-voidable contract.

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The solution provides a discussion determining if an individual can enter into a contract without being aware of it and still be bound by its terms and also explains the difference between voidable and non-voidable contracts.

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Contracts have become an increasingly big area of concern with regards to knowing if the contract is a legitimate contract, and even if the person is aware of entering into a contract, because of the recent emergence of contracts being used on various Internet sites. When Internet users clicking on various boxes agreeing to terms that they are not aware of, as stipulated by the website owner. By clicking on the box, the user is affirming that they agree to the terms of a contract, and while "we easily create ...

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