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Internet dating website. Analyze Ebay v. Bidder's Edge

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See the attached file.

An idea for a home-based business - a website which helps lonely people find their perfect match by comparing different singles website services.

Try to figure out how to design the Internet dating website so that it is legal and so that you do not get tangled up in a complicated lawsuit and answer the following questions after reading the article (pls. see the attached file).

1. What did Bidder's Edge (pls. see the attached file) do that was different than eBay's normal customers? Why does it matter to eBay?

2. What is the definition of traditional trespass to personal property?

3. Does the definition of trespass to personal property differ from the California definition of trespass to computer services? How?

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The solution explains the concepts as demonstrated in the EBay v. Bidder's Edge case.

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1. What did Bidder's Edge (pls. see the attached file) do that was different than eBay's normal customers? Why does it matter to eBay?

Ebay's users perform approximately 10 million searches per day on eBay's database.
These users must register and agree to the eBay user agreement before reaching its category listings in its website. This user agreement prohibits the use of "any robot, spider, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor or copy its pages or the content contained herein without its prior expressed written permission. Bidder's Edge was using a type of ...

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