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    Griffith v. Clear Lakes

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    I need help writing a case summary and anaysis on the attached case.

    1. Summary of Facts - Briefly summarize important and relevant facts of the case.
    2. Legal Issues - Identify one or more relevant legal issues presented in the case.
    3. Personal and Legal Analysis - Articulate a personal and legal analysis/opinion of the outcome/ruling of the case.
    4. Answer Questins for Analysis.

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    Clear Lakes had an agreement with Griffith according to which Griffith would buy small trout from Clear Lakes, and sell the trout back to Clear Lakes after they had grown to market size. The agreement was for six years and the trout were priced at a fixed rate per pound. Griffith was allowed to growth up to two million pounds live weight every year. The payment for the small trout was due only when the trout were grown to market size. Clear Lake's customers began to demand larger trout and Clear Lakes began buying fewer fish and waited longer to get them. Griffith was left with too many fish, and was soon in debt. He sued Clear Lakes for breach. The district court decided in favor of ...

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    This answer offers cogent arguments relating to Clear Lakes. The personal and legal analysis are given.