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Astronomy and Scientific Theory

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1. It might be possible to prove a scientific theory false, it is never possible to prove it true. Explain.

2. How is retrograde motion explained by (a) the geocentric model and (b) the heliocentric model of the universe ?

3. If you lived at a latitude of 72°N, what is the angle between the northern horizon and the Pole-star ?

4. What would an astronaut on the Moon observe happening on the Earth, when people on Earth are experiencing a total solar eclipse ?

5. Why do lakes have very small tides ?

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It might be possible to prove a scientific theory false, it is never possible to prove it true. Explain
Solution: Various well established scientific theories cannot actually be proved scientifically. For example, Dalton's theory of evolution or the Big Bang theory has not been 'proved' to be true. In the course of time, new theories may emerge from further observations which might prove these well established scientific theories to be false. Isaac Newton's universal law of gravitation was well accepted as a fundamental law of science for generations but it hadn't been proven to be true and eventually it turned out not to be ...

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