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    Employment Discrimination Laws

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    Employment Discrimination Laws

    Develop a hypothetical/write a STORY that involves an employer breaking an anti-discrimination law (or two).
    Your story should be about half a page in length.
    After your story, Identify at least two issues that violate Federal employment laws.
    Write the numbers "1" and "2" before each issue you identify.
    Conduct research about Anti-Discrimination laws. (Title VII, Equal Employment Opportunity Act, or go to www.eeoc.gov_)
    Based on your review and analysis of Federal Laws prohibiting Employment Discrimination, write a recommendation on how the legal issues should be resolved

    Please help me so I can complete the following:

    Writing Requirement - 500-700 words.
    1 inch margins
    12 point Times Roman Font
    APA format - cite your sources in your work!

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    Lee Nguyen, a Vietnamese business owner, owns a small company in California that manufactures steel components for the aerospace industry. Lee's business has 19 employees all of who are his family members; however, his business is booming and he needs to hire an associate, an office manager and a receptionist. Lee is approached by a former associate, Mike Cervantes, with whom he used to work with at another aerospace company. Mike talks Lee into splitting the partnership since Mike has many contacts within the aerospace industry. Mike hires his brother as foreman, his best friend as the general manager and an outside candidate as the receptionist. Mike says to Lee "you have too many Vietnamese people here; you need to hire some hard working Mexicans like myself because we'll work harder than your kind." Mike also rules that all employees must speak English when at work and may no longer speak Vietnamese. He claims it is because he cannot understand it; however, Lee has always interfaced with the employees as that was their initial agreement in the partnership.
    During the hiring process of the receptionist, Mike receives several applications from both men and women. Mike throws all the applications away received by males. "I want a woman in this position" he proclaims to the staff. Mike then looks through the applications and throws away any applications in which the women are over 40. Mike wanders back into the ...

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